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Is sugar having its way with you and keeping you from your goals?
Beat Sweets Forever!
If you are like so many women, your goals to lose weight and get healthy are continuously squashed by a sweet tooth that you just can't seem to get around. Your pattern likely looks something like this:
  •  You set a new goal and get excited about the outcome you hope to achieve.
  •  A sweet treat makes it past your defenses in a moment of weakness.
  •  You get frustrated with yourself, hopelessness sets in, and you go off the rails for an extended period of time before finally making your way back to the starting line.
Sound familiar? If so, you are in a HUGE club and I'm glad you found your way here.  I know the task of escaping your current situation might seem daunting, but...
Never fear, I come bearing hope!
My name is Jason Seib and I am a health and fat loss coach to very many women who have been at war with their bodies throughout their adult lives.  

I talk to many women for the first time each week and their battles with sugar are part of nearly every conversation I have.

The problem is that most people expect to beat a sweet tooth by simply white-knuckling their way through life.
Their plans sounds something like, "I REALLY love cupcakes, but I've decided to just not eat them anymore.  I guess I'll just have to be strong."

In reality, this is a terrible plan that is doomed to failure from the outset.  

If you intend to beat a sweet tooth, you will need a way to change your relationship with sweet flavors.

Expecting to depend on willpower every day in this world of nearly-constant temptation is simply NOT going to work.  

You WILL have a bad day.  You WILL encounter stress.  You WILL occasionally lack willpower.

Following a new rule will not make those things go away.

Make no mistake, this problem will be solved with a change of perspective, not just a change of rules.

I can show you how so many other have succeeded.
But don't take my word for it!  
Check out what others have to say!
Jason Seib has helped me learn how to be in control of my emotional eating habits. With this new found control I have found that I really don't need nor want sweets. I don't even have cravings for them any more. A perfect example is that my roommate baked himself a batch of chocolate chip cookies and left them out to cool. I walked by them and didn't have a desire to even taste one. As a matter of fact when they cooled I bagged them up and stored them in his "junk food drawer". No emotion to them whatsoever! - Karen

By following Jason’s program, eating the right foods in the right shift, my sweet tooth has slowly but surely started to eliminate itself. Those same sweet foods just don’t hold the same value that they used to for me. - Brenda 

By following Jason’s advice, I was able to completely eliminate my craving for sweets. At first it felt like I had super powers and now it’s just feels like my new normal. I don’t have to white knuckle it and I don’t have to avoid being in the same room with sweets. - Jen

Beating back sugar cravings is more than doing battle with willpower. How is that even possible you might ask? Well, Jason Seib has been instrumental in taking me from addiction to deliverance, from sugar-blue lows to energy-filled highs, from glucose crashes to fat burning heaven…and who doesn’t want that!! - Dinah

Jason Seib has been instrumental in helping me to beat my sugar addiction. I no longer crave sugar of any kind! I will forever be grateful for Jason. - Joan

I have literally kicked sugar right out of my world by following Jason’s protocol. I am forever grateful and know that I now have the tools in my shed to live a healthy sugar free lifestyle! - Judy
Are You Ready To Win?
Beat Sweets In 2 Weeks is a course designed to teach you how to change your relationship with sweets.  

The course includes:
  •  Daily Assessments specifically designed to help you stay consistent AND change your perspective on exactly how success will be achieved longterm.
  •  8 Video Lessons like nothing you will find anywhere else.  THIS is the knowledge that produced those amazing testimonials above (and countless more), delivered to you in the precise order in which you need to absorb them.
This is NOT a 2-week challenge!  

This is NOT a lesson in how to be strong!

This is NOT a bunch of cheerleading hype!

I can absolutely assure you that you WILL walk away with a brand new perspective on sweets AND all of your other health and weight loss goals.  

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