Jason Seib
Are you AWESOME?
Written by Jason Seib
The question in the title of this post is much more important than it may seem at a glance. I’ll clarify and then you can put some thought into it before you answer.
This Isn't A War, A Battle, Or A Fight
Written by Jason Seib
As usual, I’ve been thinking about perspectives lately, particularly which ones lead to success. There are so few, and none of them seem to be common among the fat loss set, but they’re not terribly hard to change with a little effort.
Where are all the winners?
Written by Jason Seib
You may have heard about the Dove Choose Beautiful Campaign. They surveyed 6,400 women ages 18-64 in 5 cities around the world (San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London, and São Paolo) and came up with some heartbreaking statistics. One in particular really has me thinking.
Oh, to be a robot with a weight loss goal!
Written by Jason Seib
Robots would be great at lifestyle change.

We could simply program them to do a list of things each day and they would do them.  

But not humans. Humans have thoughts. Thoughts create emotions.

Thoughts and emotions together make people quit pursuing results that they have LITERALLY wanted for their entire adult lives. Things that they may have even been in tears over. Things that make life feel like a war with their bodies.
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