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Thank you AltShift! I'm 138 days into this "diet" and I have yet to feel deprived. I feel great and have tons of energy. I do not do any cardio or spend a bunch of time at the gym. And I've lost 25 lbs and 27" since starting AltShift ... which means I've had to get all new clothes! — Lissa
The plan has been a breeze to follow, no starvation diets, just tasty, healthy food. No hours in the gym beating your body into submission, instead a sensible amount of healthy movement. I'm 46 and this program has helped me lose some very stubborn belly fat, can't wait to see what the next 60 days will bring. — Heather
I can't even begin to explain the mindset change that has taken place with me. Probably for the first time in my life I feel so in control of my food, and negative thoughts that like to creep in and sabotage my efforts every time I lose a little weight and then give up and it all comes back! My obsession with the scale has gone away as well!!! I went from a tight size 16 to a loose 12 today!! I finally feel like I have the answer to my life struggle of weight loss ups and downs, all the while never feeling like this is a "diet"...it's my new life and I LOVE it! — Kristen

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