Jason Seib
Oh, to be a robot with a weight loss goal!
Written by Jason Seib
Robots would be great at lifestyle change.

We could simply program them to do a list of things each day and they would do them.  

But not humans. Humans have thoughts. Thoughts create emotions.  

Thoughts and emotions together make people quit pursuing results that they have LITERALLY wanted for their entire adult lives. Things that they may have even been in tears over. Things that make life feel like a war with their bodies.

All of that misery for thoughts.

"It's not just thoughts, Jason! There's more to it than that!"

Really? Remember the robots?

We put code into them and they DO.

Humans put code in themselves every time they find a new diet or exercise protocol. They usually get some results. Then they quit because of things they THINK.

Here's an example:

"I'm doing this so I can be more confident (thought). Of course, nothing magical will happen to me when I lose weight, but I will feel differently about myself (thought). So, I'm going to do all these things I don't really want to do (thought), so I can change my body into something that I will like (thought). I just really want to like myself more (thought)."

Jump ahead two weeks.

"That cookie looks amazing (thought)! I've been doing all this terrible stuff for two weeks now and I DESERVE a treat (thought)!"

Jump ahead an hour.

"Well, I already blew it for today, so I might as well order a pizza for dinner since I have been wanting it so badly (thought) and today is ruined anyway (thought)."

Jump to the following morning in the mirror.

"Look at yourself. You look terrible! You're never going to get it together. Maybe this is as good as it gets. I guess I'll just try to find something in this closet that hides most of this. (All thoughts)."

Jump ahead to lunch.

"Screw it! If I'm going to fail anyway, I might as well have the burger and fries (thought)!"

Okay, lets review and look for anything that is not just a thought but an actual fact.

"That cookie looks amazing!" Not a fact. An opinion. There are people who do not have a sweet tooth and do not think cookies look amazing.

"I deserve a treat." Not a fact. An opinion. Like I said in Body Beliefs, saying that you deserve a treat is like saying you did such a good job cleaning your house that you DESERVE to throw a handful of dirt on your living room floor.

"I already blew it for today/today is ruined." Not facts. Opinions. When you were learning to ride a bike, you fell off sometimes and it didn't "ruin" anything. You got right back on and kept learning.

"You look terrible." Not a fact. An opinion. Everyone gets to decide for themselves what they think of the way you look and your opinions don't matter to them, except that your low self-worth WILL make you more unattractive, but not physically. In other words, you have decided that the whole world thinks you are unattractive, so you go out into the world and BE unattractive by wearing your insecurities on your sleeve.  

"This is as good as it gets." Not a fact. A speculation. Unless you are in peak health as you say this (not the absence of disease, but actual peak health and full of vitality), then you're basically saying, "There's no reason that I should look my best right now, but I know that getting truly healthy won't make any difference even though I've never done it."

"Screw it!" Not a fact. An emotional tantrum. If you were learning to play a musical instrument, you would be sure that you would hit another sour note, but it wouldn't "ruin" anything. Your lack of belief during today's emotional tantrum is only a thought. You can CHOOSE to learn whatever you want to learn, which means you can CHOOSE to learn how to be healthy.

So, what's the answer to all this? Obviously, you just need to do some meal planning, right? Maybe put your Fitbit back on?

Ha! No.

Those things are only important when people don't quit.

But they don't CAUSE people to quit.

Thoughts do that.

Isn't it time to fix the real problem?

Jason Seib

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