Change your mind, change your body.
The Mindful Pursuit Of Health, Happiness, And Vitality Through Action, Not Fluff.
The Mindful Pursuit Of Weight Loss, Happiness, And Vitality Through Action, Not Fluff.
You're suffering.  Most days it isn't overwhelming, but it's always there.

You don't like what you see in the mirror.  You lack confidence.  You say some pretty mean things to yourself, at least occasionally.  And your efforts to improve, to take better care of yourself, to like yourself more, seem to always go in a circle leaving you right back at the starting line.

Maybe another diet, exercise plan, or self-help book isn't what you need.  Maybe those things only offer one more shot at more of the same.  Maybe something BRAND NEW is in order.
Self-Care From A Weight Loss Coach?
My name is Jason Seib and I have spent many years working almost exclusively with women over 40 to help them get off the yo-yo dieting rollercoaster forever. It's been an amazing career so far, and I have lots of years left, but I've undergone a slow evolution that has taken me to a very unique place.

Early in my career, I did what the rest of my industry does - I gave people a set of rules to follow and then tried to help them with any questions they had or training they needed regarding those rules.

In other words, I would hand people a new diet and exercise plan and then show them how to do it.

And almost everyone would eventually quit.
To be a good weight loss coach, I was supposed to say, "I told you what to do and my methods work. It's not my fault if you don't follow through."

But that answer was very unsatisfying considering the fact that virtually everyone (around 95%) will quit regardless of the protocol they try and who is coaching them. This is just a fact of my industry.

It seemed to me that we were asking the wrong question and it was frustrating me to no end.
Sometimes Frustration Is A Great Teacher
Eventually, it became clear to me that nobody was yo-yo dieting because of diet or exercise plans.  They were quitting because all of their motivations came from a need to turn themselves into something they could finally appreciate and love.

In other words, they were trying to make MASSIVE lifestyle changes for no better reason than to try to escape their own self-abuse.

Each woman I worked with had somehow led herself to believe she was very much not awesome and she would not be awesome until she could finally look in the mirror and see someone she didn't want to insult.

Where was the pursuit of happiness?  

Where was the desire to create vitality?

Sadly, these are not the goals of the average woman who reaches out to me.  Her goals will almost always be to escape misery.  She just wants to be "not fat".

Unfortunately, her perspective makes every fat loss endeavor a horrible burden.  She is not at all doing good things for herself because she deserves to be treated with love and respect.  Instead, she is at war with a body that she believes has betrayed her.

And she fails.

And Then The Clouds Parted...
After honing my craft and creating lots of amazing success stories by helping women change their heads and their bodies at the same time, I had come to a much better place.

But it wasn't good enough and a new frustration had reared its ugly head - I no longer knew exactly what it was that I did for a living.

I wasn't technically just a weight loss coach anymore.  That had become the easy part.

I also wasn't a therapist, life coach, or body image consultant because none of those things described my ability to also tell people exactly how to get healthy.

So, what was I doing everyday?  

This questioned bothered me for a few years, but with the help of my friend and prominent psychologist, Robert Biswas-Diener, I realized that I had been teaching women to change their bodies by teaching them how to build self-worth by teaching them how to do self-care.  To refine that a bit further, I started to say, "I teach women to use mindfulness to take better care of themselves."

Once I realized this, things started to get even more amazing in a hurry because I also realized that weight loss and health are just small parts of the awesomeness that can be created in a life with a broader self-care practice.

In fact, when a woman builds self-worth through a good self-care practice, health and fat loss almost seem to happen by accident in the background while she focuses on making the individual moments of her life into the experiences that she deserves.

THIS is real happiness!  

And the war finally ends forever.

Diligent Mind Self-Care Is Born!
The next step was one of the easiest of my career.  Honestly, I couldn't have gone in any other direction even if I had wanted to.

Realizing that I had been teaching self-care for years, I felt complete with my new clarity.  I couldn't do anything other than continue to help women save themselves from their desperation and frustration by showing them where they simply MUST start.

And this brings us up to speed.

Diligent Mind Self-Care was the outpouring of all my passion, knowledge, and experience after the confining walls of my old labels came crashing down.

With my mission finally so clear in my mind, I am changing more lives than I could have ever imagined I could.

So, what is it already???

This Is Self-Worth MASTERY!
Diligent Mind Self-Care works in 2 parts.

Part 1 is the DMSC Jump Start Course.  This is where you get a firm grip on how THE WORK will unfold in your day to life.  The knowledge you gain here will you get you off to a great start on a path like none you have ever been on before.

Please trust me when I say this is NOT bubble baths and massages!

Together, we will go to places that will often be enlightening, will sometimes be challenging, and will always guide you to the happiness and vitality that is your birthright.  

Part 2 is where truly amazing things happen as we implement and practice.  In each Weekly Focus, we dig into a particular subject and work on it as a whole community.  

We tackle subjects like perfectionism, self-deprecation, social comparison and many more that so often affect our happiness and vitality.  

As we share our epiphanies, triumphs, and struggles in a group of like-minded individuals who all want the same thing - awesome lives - we grow together in such amazing and unpredicted ways.

Access to Diligent Mind Self-Care also grants you access to our private Facebook group where you can share your experience and ask questions of me and my moderators, as well as a wonderful community of people who are on this journey with you.

We're doing great things together.

What do our members think?
"This program is the gateway to happiness, Jason shows us in detail how to work through each of the steps that are preventing us from living a happy life. He is available to answer any questions or work through any difficulties you may encounter. Everyone should be in this program it’s that GREAT!!" - Joan

"DMSC is the path out of the dark place in our heads. It’s shown me how to find and turn on the light so I can examine what is really there. That self care has to be a priority and by making it a priority than other areas of your life fall in place. If you dig in and do the work it pays off. Jason is not a typical trainer/coach that just tells you what to do he’s there doing it with you. The information /knowledge he shares in this program should be mandatory for everyone." - Tammy

"In a culture that defines self care as bubble baths and massages, Jason Seib gets to the bottom of what is true: self care starts in our minds and true transformation is possible when we learn to be kind to ourselves and master our thoughts. Throughout the course, you'll have access to Jason as well as a community of individuals dedicated to change and learning from one another as we process this life-changing information. Not to be missed!" - Laura

"DMSC is a truly life changing Self Care program. It’s a program designed to be done at your own pace. You will learn you are the creator of your happiness and it’s all within reach by changing your thoughts. You get real time coaching from Jason, who has over a decade of experience in this area and access to a likeminded community, there to support and nurture your growth along the way." - Cathie

"A self care program like no other I have seen. DMSC is a truly life changing program where you see self care in a whole new light. I have never made life changes like this before. Jason’s coaching is so unbelievably caring, honest and direct. He has a way of making things resonate with me that no one else has been able to. I really like the way Jason works right along along with us and the community is absolutely great. Highly recommended for anyone looking for more peace and happiness." - Karen

"A place to discover ways to care for you and a place to share and grow with likeminded people." - Narelle

"Lessons in how to get over your own negativity and just live like a person and not a ball of anxiety all the time."         - Trish

"DMSC is the secret sauce to living happy for the rest or your life. Jason Seib teaches you to have a healthy relationship with the #1 person in your life....yourself." - Kelly

"DMSC has helped so much with my huge mindset shift! I’ve always been great at “following the rules” and then dropped it when it got hard. Now when I’m tempted to drop it or have a craving for something, I ask myself what the best way is for me to take care of myself. I’m so happy to be part of this program and group!" - Jen

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Diligent Mind Self-Care includes:
  • Access to our Jump Start Course to get you started right.
  • ​Access to our Weekly Focuses for ongoing practice of essential self-care skills.
  • Weekly engagement activities designed to help you make the lessons your own.
  • Access to the private Self-Care Initiative Facebook group.
  • Transcripts and mp3 files for every video so you can watch, read, or listen as you choose.
So what are you 
waiting for?
Jason Seib
P.S. : If you don't love Diligent Mind Self-Care, just email us at within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund you in full.  We don't want your money if you're not happy!
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